Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have to say, I rarely get 'wowed' by venues, they all kind of seem the same to me, maybe i've seen too many but Le Vieux Moulin in Rigaud,(Qc) is a cut above the rest.
When I first arrived I was greeted by Douglas with a great big 'good morning' and a smile no one can fake. He seemed so happy in his rubber boots, on his lawn tractor taking care of his sprawling estate. I couldn't help but wonder how long it must take to cut the grass there, surely it's a whole day affair..
Douglas showed us to the main room and I got straight to work. This wedding was different from the rest, no white roses and calla lilies, the bride knew exactly what she wanted when she first put foot in our shop. Originally someone in the family had offered to make the centerpieces for her but we convinced them otherwise and we're thanked later on for that exact decision. Who really has time to make centerpieces on the day before their wedding, let's get real...
After I was done decorating the main room I headed outdoors to take in the beauty of this old mill. I headed down the hill to the gazebo to decorate and on my way back is when I met Caroline, Douglas' wife. These people are so passionate and it oozes from them. Friendly and inviting, before leaving we were given a tour by Douglas of the downstairs (where the mill operated) and Caroline headed us in the direction of the falls at the end of their property. Outstanding and memorizing is all I can say when thinking of The Vieux Moulin in Rigaud. I will highly recommend this venue for anyone looking for an outdoor fairytale wedding. Doesnt get much better than this in my opinion. A big thank you to Caroline and Douglas for being so kind and receptive (as a florist, I know this is not always the case with certain venues) and I will be back.. maybe for my own wedding ;)
The Bridal bouquet is composed of mango calla lilies, circus roses, Protea pin cushions, hypericum, leucadendron and bupleurum.
Bridesmaids bouquets include mango calla lilies, 
circus roses, hypericum, and bupleurum