Sunday, February 22, 2009


Anthuriums stand out with their heart-shaped spathes. With little care your plant could bloom all year round.

TEMPERATURE: Best indoor temperatures range 78F to 90F and night temparatures of 70F to 75F. Temparatures above 90F could burn the foliage and reduce the flower life and lower temperatures around the 40F to 50F could cause the leaves to yellow. Anthuriums will not resist frost.

LIGHT: Place your plant in a sunny location but avoid direct sunlight. In lower light leaves may stretch and become distorted.

WATERING: Allow the earth to slightly dry out between waterings

POISONOUS HOUSEPLANT! Keep from children and pets. If ingested contact your Doctor immediately

Monday, February 2, 2009


A 'milles fleurs' is easily translated to 'thousand flowers'. For us florist this means a large variety is mixed flowers and colors are used to create an arrangement or a bouquet of cut flowers. There is a strong importance between color and texture to create an arrangement that doesn't look like a bubble gum machine.
The following composition includes, 'picasso' calla lilies, white stock, white snapdragons, lavender larkspur, Pink 'ballet' roses, orange 'milva' roses, chartreuse green dendrobium orchids, 'jaguar' mokara orchids and 'red france' roses.