Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 We have been asked to do floral arrangements that appeared in television programs or local movies before but never have I had the experience of being on an American movie set, especially not one starring my crush, Bradley Cooper ;)  I had to be on set for 5:30am but the excitement made it an easy jump out of bed.  Most arrangements were done in advance and I tweaked them on site.  I started becoming a little stressed out when the head decorator told me the table arrangements needed more greenery for a cameras view and I was close to running out.. being traffic rush hour at this point, I rushed to a wholesaler and made it back in time to fix them up for their liking.  A little nail biting moment that turned out fine lol.  The room was busy with dozens people from lighting to cameramen and I was in awe of what goes into filming a small scene that may or may not make it into the final movie.  At one point, waiting on directions for the food platters I had to decorate, I was standing by a wall admiring the bustle, when I felt the room 'stop'.. and there stood Bradley Cooper three feet away from me.  I guess I stared, thinking he didn't really look like the guy from 'the movies', wondering if he had the luck of walking to set that morning without being recognized.  When I finished my job, I packed up and walked out into a sea of paparazzi, and that's when I knew he probably didnt have as peaceful a morning as I had imagined for him.

Grand arrangement for hotel main entrance
Close up of main entrance arrangement
6 "bar arrangements"