Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Pink ginger flowers, green anthuriums, pink gerberas, white snap dragons $125

Blue hyacinths, green hydrangeas, white freesias $ 75

Orchids, pincushions, green anthuriums, hydrangeas, orange spray roses, mango calla lilies, cellosia, leucadendron, eremerus, monstera and apidistra leaves, curly willow in an origanal decorative vase $160

Orchids, calla lilies, tulips, snap dragons and stock flower in a decorative original vase $ 150


So much fun it was to play..


Bridesmaid bouquet
Bridesmaid bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Green hydrangea, calla lilies, ranuncules, alstroemeria

Green hydrangea, white alstroemeria, peonies, cabbage, calla lilies

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have to say, I rarely get 'wowed' by venues, they all kind of seem the same to me, maybe i've seen too many but Le Vieux Moulin in Rigaud,(Qc) is a cut above the rest.
When I first arrived I was greeted by Douglas with a great big 'good morning' and a smile no one can fake. He seemed so happy in his rubber boots, on his lawn tractor taking care of his sprawling estate. I couldn't help but wonder how long it must take to cut the grass there, surely it's a whole day affair..
Douglas showed us to the main room and I got straight to work. This wedding was different from the rest, no white roses and calla lilies, the bride knew exactly what she wanted when she first put foot in our shop. Originally someone in the family had offered to make the centerpieces for her but we convinced them otherwise and we're thanked later on for that exact decision. Who really has time to make centerpieces on the day before their wedding, let's get real...
After I was done decorating the main room I headed outdoors to take in the beauty of this old mill. I headed down the hill to the gazebo to decorate and on my way back is when I met Caroline, Douglas' wife. These people are so passionate and it oozes from them. Friendly and inviting, before leaving we were given a tour by Douglas of the downstairs (where the mill operated) and Caroline headed us in the direction of the falls at the end of their property. Outstanding and memorizing is all I can say when thinking of The Vieux Moulin in Rigaud. I will highly recommend this venue for anyone looking for an outdoor fairytale wedding. Doesnt get much better than this in my opinion. A big thank you to Caroline and Douglas for being so kind and receptive (as a florist, I know this is not always the case with certain venues) and I will be back.. maybe for my own wedding ;)
The Bridal bouquet is composed of mango calla lilies, circus roses, Protea pin cushions, hypericum, leucadendron and bupleurum.
Bridesmaids bouquets include mango calla lilies, 
circus roses, hypericum, and bupleurum

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 We have been asked to do floral arrangements that appeared in television programs or local movies before but never have I had the experience of being on an American movie set, especially not one starring my crush, Bradley Cooper ;)  I had to be on set for 5:30am but the excitement made it an easy jump out of bed.  Most arrangements were done in advance and I tweaked them on site.  I started becoming a little stressed out when the head decorator told me the table arrangements needed more greenery for a cameras view and I was close to running out.. being traffic rush hour at this point, I rushed to a wholesaler and made it back in time to fix them up for their liking.  A little nail biting moment that turned out fine lol.  The room was busy with dozens people from lighting to cameramen and I was in awe of what goes into filming a small scene that may or may not make it into the final movie.  At one point, waiting on directions for the food platters I had to decorate, I was standing by a wall admiring the bustle, when I felt the room 'stop'.. and there stood Bradley Cooper three feet away from me.  I guess I stared, thinking he didn't really look like the guy from 'the movies', wondering if he had the luck of walking to set that morning without being recognized.  When I finished my job, I packed up and walked out into a sea of paparazzi, and that's when I knew he probably didnt have as peaceful a morning as I had imagined for him.

Grand arrangement for hotel main entrance
Close up of main entrance arrangement
6 "bar arrangements"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Ouvert Dimanche 8 Mai de 9 a 17h
Pour toutes commandes speciales nous vous prions de commander à l`avance, vous vous assurez le meilleur pour votre maman chérie.

Open Sunday May 8th from 9am to 5pm
Please order in advance if you have any special requests for the most wonderful woman in your life ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There are so many little changes going on you can certainly tell spring is here. Out with the old and in with the new! I have finally made us a facebook page which seems like the thing "to do" , not quite sure I can keep up with the twitter crowd just yet, i'll need some more convincing. I think facebook will facilitate sharing pictures and information with many of our customers. It is also a great place for people to share and post comments. Looking to grow our fan base, "like" us on facebook today!

Also soon to come is our new logo and business card. Stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011


The venue was the Caisse de Depot et placements atrium. The theme was white, the look achieved was a whimsical winter wonderland. It was chic and modern and ready just in time for the 340+ guest.
We never pulled off a party of this magnitude, mostly because all 38 centerpieces (including bar area) had to be made on location. We had 7 hours and 100 sq ft of space to create magic. I said it then and I will say it again, I think my heart stopped between 2 and 4pm. I really didn't know if we would be done on time. Stresssssss!
The vases contained 6 white glitter branches adorned with pearls and approximately 6 dozen individually glued on dendrobium orchid heads. The work involved was painful but the final product was sublime. I stayed until the daylight fell so I could snap a few pictures of the lit up vases. Each vase had 3 submersible lights at different level which illuminated the glittery snow inside the vase. I would have loved to have a chance to see the tables lit up with the candles too but I was covered in glue, glitter, tears and sweat and guest were arriving, so I took the door and hoped it would look as good as I had imagined. As per the feedback, it looked better than the client imagined. Yay!


The combination of white on green is one that makes my heart sing. Simple, elegant, subdued it is perfect for any decor or occasion.
There are quite a few green flowers on the market. A new favorite of the shop is the "Mondial" rose. It's a perfect shade of soft green with a rich creamy center and it develops beautifully.

HAPPY 2011!!

A little late on the well wishes but I have had so little time to update the blog. The month of December was crazy busy! We took some well needed R&R after the holidays and closed for a couple of days. The closure also had much to do with the lack of fresh flowers available on the market between Christmas and New Years...
We are back and ready to make 2011 even better than 2010. A big thank you to all our customers who allow us to grow and create, may your year be filled with all the good little things life brings us!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


By far one of my favorite venues for an intimate and elegant wedding. The rooms are charming with an old antique feel. Built in 1916 the architecture of this imposing home is stunning. Built on the banks of Lake St-Louis, the hall now owned by the city of Pointe-Claire, offers beautiful well kept grounds to take pictures and provides a majestic feel for your guest.
All orchids are provided by Le Paradis des Orchidees in Laval

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There are many reasons we choose not to carry dyed fresh flowers, the number 1 reason being that there are sooooo many pretty natural ones, why mess with nature? Then there's also the fact that it makes vase water so icky and frankly we just ain't fans of florescent blue and orange and pink flowers.
When I first saw this cymbidium orchid at the wholesaler I was in awe by the beauty of its contrasting colors. I had never seen anything like it, I knew there were several dozen varieties available to the cut flower market but I still manage to be surprised every once in a while. It wasn't till I returned to the shop that I noticed the water in the tube was red.. clear indicator of present dye. I had been fooled and so was everyone else. It was still more than perfect to use in one of our designs and I can't say I wouldn't purchase another stem if I had the use for it...

Monday, June 14, 2010


Peonies are so delicately beautiful. When the first batch arrive from Holland in early spring my heart palpitates. The fragrance, the softness of tissue like petals, they have a certain romantic feel to them.
For this arrangement (which I made for myself :) I paired them with a soft peachy pink carnation. Makes me happy.